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Nina, each and every time I come to Therapeutique, you take the hustle and bustle of “life” and turn it off for me.  You bring me back, slow me down and take the tension and stress right out of me.  Your salon is lovely, welcoming and a wonderfully calming, peaceful place.  I never seem to want to leave after my massage!  You have a gift Nina ~ Thank you for sharing it with me.  See you soon!

~ Chris Daniels


What can I say?  I've been both skeptical and fearful of massage therapy.  My first experience with another therapist 12 years ago was horrifying.  I came to you because I trust you and I was in pain.  Pain in my shoulder and pain in my neck prevented me from sleeping and had persisted for nearly three weeks with no relief from chiropractic care or physical therapy.  I am familiar with pain because I have lived with degenerative disk disease for over six years now and have undergone all types of physical and holistic treatments for my back pain.  After my time spent with you, my shoulder still gave me some trouble, but I was able to sleep better.  But what simply CHANGED MY LIFE was the resulting loss of pain, benefit of movement and decreased stress caused by the pain in my back which is now GONE.  One month later, I sit here and write this and still feel eternally grateful because for the first time in a very long time, I can get out of bed on my own without assistance from my husband.  I can tie my shoes.  I can now function pretty much as I did years ago!  I went dancing Saturday night, something I have been unable to do for the last six years.  Bless you and thank you Nina for bringing my life back into balance!  What a difference your work makes in my life!  I truly look forward to seeing you again and would encourage anyone considering massage to welcome your touch!  




Boy do I wish I lived closer! I would visit your Therapeutique often!! Your massages have been some of the best I ever had (and I have had many) Hopefully soon I can come up for a visit. 


Kathleen ~ PA

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